Sunday, June 20, 2010

Legion Delphi: My Take on the Coalition's Psychic Conscription Group

I disagree with the divisions presented in The Coalition War Machine, as I do with there being any form of civilian apparatus. The Coalition States works far better as an outright military state, as a Nazi Germany stripped of its pretension of civilian life, than it does as written. (When I get to Free Quebec, I'll attempt to do justice to the other way this could go, which fits a more accurate description of "fascism".) Thus I prefer to stick to a single unified group, which I have Coalition sources refer to officially as "Legion Delphi" and unofficially as "Psi Corps".

Legion Delphi has the following purposes:

  • Provide the state with a standing militia of expert trouble-shooters when dealing with either supernatural or psychic threats. This is how Stalkers and Dog Boys are organized and integrated with Army and Intelligence operations, deployed on a detached basis as requested by the relevant officers. The more sociable ones are used as diplomats, of a sort, to those outside elements that the Inner Elite wants on their side- or, at least, not opposed to them at this time. (e.g. Wild Stalker tribes)

  • Provide the Inner Elite with yet another array of covers when they need to be visible to common folk and using more obvious psychic powers (e.g. telekinesis). This is also how some Inner Elite members that are not of the Vanguard can reliably interact with the Vanguard; they assume complex false identities with a Legion Delphi designation, backed by Intelligence clearance, as a foundation.

  • Provide the Inner Elite with a mechanism by which they can assimilate the psi-active population into their ranks, either by indoctrination or by more foul means (e.g. confinement to Lone Star for use in experimentation), as specific circumstances warrant. This includes detection of incoming psychics as well as their exploitation for State purposes, such as inquisitions.

  • Provide another means of acquiring reliable intelligence on targets and matters put to them by other agencies. (Staring at goats optional.)

Most Legion Delphi members have no idea that they're anything other than State-sanctioned mutants operating under the close scrutiny of trusted Dog Boy or Stalker supervisors. (Most often the former; if you've got a Stalker as your minder, you're considered to be a loose cannon and the Stalker is an implied threat.) The official dogma is that Legion Delphi are unfortunates, victims of fate, given the opportunity to serve Mankind by the grace of the wise and just Emperor and thus make the most of their degraded Humanity; retirement is, officially, not an option. (Unofficially, "retirement" means that you're no longer deployed and you may be permitted comfort in your dotage- you spend the remainder of your days training your successors.)

Some psychics taken in by the Legion disappear. They're too weak, either in mind or body, to be useful to the State (and thus the Inner Elite) so they're sent to Lone Star. There they become fodder for one of many experimental programs, each seeking to unlock exactly how the known link between DNA and psychic powers works so that the Inner Elite can finally begin a eugenic cleansing and reformatting of Mankind to suit their purposes. Some of these unfortunates get converted into Juicers, some into Crazies, some used in the Breeding Pits, some chopped up for parts and some just plain used. If a psychic isn't fit for service or chosen by the Inner Elite, they are condemned to an existence as monstrous as what they feared from the entities beyond Coalition power.

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